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Welcome to PHOTO100: Intro to Photography

Welcome to PHOTO100: Intro to Photography

Photograph: Ansel Adams, The Tetons and Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. U.S. National Archives.

PHOTO 100 (3) is an introduction to the aesthetics, history, and science of photography including practical and critical approaches to the art of photography for beginning students. The course will introduce students to photography as an art form and as an important medium in commercial applications, news and journalism, science, and industry. The course will look at photography in a social/historical context and showcase the work of important photographers. The course will examine the impact of technological, economic, and cultural forces on photography and, in turn, the role that it plays in our daily life, culture, and society.

The course will also expose students to the various styles and techniques used in making photographs and give them the opportunity to gain experience and practical know-how in creating their own photographs. Through the process of assembling and critically examining "galleries" of their own work and the work of others, they will be encouraged to develop a more informed critical point of view about photography as an art and important form of human expression.

Grading will be based on photographic assignments, exams (on photographic history, aesthetics, technical aspects of photography, and image manipulation), a student project, and participation in class critiques. For specifics on grading and assignments by week, the syllabus and online courseware will be updated regularly. Students will be required to have access to a digital camera and the internet. PHOTO 100 is offered in the fall and spring semesters each year.

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Course Description: The Pennsylvania State University, course offered: College of Arts and Architecture, course hosted: College of Information Sciences and Technology.